Book Editor 692492


Book Editor 692492
Full Time

Who we are:

Our protocol is currently in development to create a suite of cross-platform dApps, which provide leverage for crypto and real-world assets. Built on Terra, we are launching this spring with a set of leverage index tokens to provide easy access to 2x leverage, long or short, for the most popular assets in the Terra ecosystem.

We are looking for an experienced fiction editor to help us finalize a YA science-fiction / fantasy novel and prepare the manuscript content for publication. The ideal candidate should have experience providing comprehensive editing services for full-length fiction projects, including both developmental and line edits.

This book is one of the core deliverables within a dynamic multi-channel creative project, and you will be working in a diverse, enthusiastic creative team with many other talented writers, artists, and designers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the writing team to take a 100k word SFF manuscript from late-stage draft to publication-ready
  • Read and evaluate the draft manuscript according to the project’s overarching goals and content strategy
  • Deliver comprehensive, tailored recommendations for improvement, including developmental and line edits as needed
  • Consult and communicate with the writing team through each stage of the editing process re: manuscript content, style, formatting
  • Track manuscript through all stages of editing in order to produce a final, publication-ready story
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with a full creative team of writers, artists and designers
  • Openness to editing additional short-form fiction pieces within the same project/world would be a plus, please let us know if you have availability / interest in this work!


  • Professional experience editing full-length commercial fiction (+80k words), preferably in the science-fiction / fantasy genres
  • Track record of successful consultation with independent authors, including references from prior projects/clients
  • Native-level English language skills, with the ability to edit and format a manuscript according to Standard American English and Chicago Style guidelines
  • Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to support creative recommendations and explain editing choices in both 1:1 and group discussions
  • Ability to take direction and share recommendations efficiently in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience working with virtual/decentralized teams across multiple time zones
  • Enthusiastic and immersed in science-fiction and fantasy literature, film, television, graphic novels, and other pop culture that inspires our worldbuilding and creative work
  • Basic understanding of / interest in the NFT space is a plus, but not required


Full-time / part-time negotiable

Work remotely (Must be available during European working hours)

Send CV to [email protected]


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