Midwinter Program / From Darkness to Light✨ 5 week program


Midwinter Program / From Darkness to Light✨ 5 week program
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc), Physical 23/01/2022 23/01/2022 Starts 16:00 Ends 19:00 700 NIS


Midwinter Program

From Darkness to Light

Our Program supports you to:

  • Share Your Feelings in a Warm, Supportive Environment
  • Immerse Yourself in Jewish Learning
  • Build Textual Skills
  • Express Your Creative Potential
  • Integrate Torah and Creativity
  • Come Closer to G-d as You Experience the Beauty of the Land
  • Learn and Connect with Like-Minded Amazing Women and Teachers

What: Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin’s on-campus and live Zoom classes with our brilliant teachers, plus recordings of every class to keep, review, and listen to again and again.

When: Sunday through Thursday 

Time: 9 am to 1:10 pm/EST | 4 pm to 8:10 pm/Israel time

Supplies needed: A passion to learn, connect, and grow!

Class Descriptions-

Textual Tanach Studies

Megillat Esther | Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum

This scroll sensitizes us to seeing G-d behind the mask of His hiding place. In our time at the verge of the redemption, the role of womanhood is in transition both within the family and in the world. The Scroll of Esther taking place in the transition period between the first two Temples sheds light on the rise of Feminine Consciousness and provides a powerful role-model for true Jewish feminism within the parameters of Halacha. By tuning into Esther reflection of the various phases of the moon, we will gain a deeper understanding of Jewish women’s role in the evolving process of redemption. While reading the text, we will also touch upon topics such as “Divine Providence,” and “The Relationship between Good and Evil in the world.” Creative expression such as drama, dance and art will be incorporated when appropriate.

Women in the Torah | Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum

A Textual, Mystical & Creative Exploration of Women Who Built the House of Israel

This series of experiential classes focus on an in-depth analysis of our Foremothers, such as Chava, the prototype of all women. We will learn and discuss selected texts from the Torah, Midrash, Chassidut and Kabbala, highlighting sources that tap into Women’s hidden Power, to weave together and amplify the personalities of these holy women. Creative writing, art, & drama will help make the struggles and aspirations of these inspirational role-models come to life. A comprehensive source sheet in Hebrew/English accompanies the textual study of each of the classes integrating, Bible texts, Midrash, Chassidism and sometimes Kabbalah.

The Book of Shmuel: Prophecy, Spiritual Transitions and Malchut | Morah Tsipi Egert

In this class we will become acquainted with the Jewish people during the end of the era of the Judges’ (שופטים/shoftim) leadership. We will explore the relationship between leadership and the spiritual stature of the people. We will meet great Jewish leaders such as Elkana, Chana, Eli, Shmuel and Shaul. Through them, we will try to understand, what is the spiritual make up of a good leader. How does the leader impact the people? How does a nation undergo spiritual change? What lessons can we take from these leaders into our own lives, as we too strive for greatness.

Parashat HaShavua | Rabbi Hillel Benchimol

Rabbi Benchimol will be teaching our Parashat HaShavua from an inner dimension viewing the weekly Torah portion as part of a bigger plan – part of the jigsaw puzzle and tapestry of life. You will receive a broad perspective as to how the parsha is lived today and how it pertains to your life today.

Halacha | Rabbi Mechael Chaim Siegelbaum

Rav Mechael Siegelbaum will discuss the halacha pertinent to the laws of blessings. In addition, to learning the “how” of the mitzvot, the student will come to appreciate the process of the development and transmission of halacha from the written and oral Torah.

Emunah (Jewish Faith)

The Kuzari – The Foundation of Emunah | Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum

This course serves as an in-depth analysis of The Kuzari on the backdrop of general medieval Jewish philosophy. Through reading, introspection, and discussion the student will discover the foundation of Jewish belief as portrayed by Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi. The course highlights the structure and pattern of the text of The Kuzari as well as the gradual development of the Khazar king’s self-discovery. Concurrent with her learning of the Khazar king’s gradual discovery of true emunah, the student, herself, will step by step develop and expand her own perspective. She will realize how emunah effects everything and how everything that we believe effects how we think and behave.

Derech Hashem – The Way of G-d | Rabbi Avraham Iskowitz

The classic work of the 18th century master Kabbalist and Talmudist, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (The Ramchal), enables the exploration of such questions as: “Why Hashem created the world,” ‘The principles of Hashem’s Providence over Human Affairs,” “The Suffering of the Righteous vs. the Success of the Wicked,” “The Relationship between the Soul & the Body,” and “The Relationship between Israel and the Nations.” Emphasis is placed on resolving some of the most basic contradictions and dualities which we tend to encounter as Jews, thus giving the student the clarity to strengthen her faith.

Torah of the Land

Herbal Workshop, Torah & Healing | Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum

The Herbal Workshop integrates vast information of the ancient wisdom of our Torah about plants, herbology, nutrition and health with traditional folk medicine and medical research. The course delves into textual Torah sources on herbs and healing, as well as general knowledge of the use of herbs. For the Elul program, we will focus on the seven holy fruits of the Land of Israel with their mystical and medicinal properties, as this is the time of their ripening. A comprehensive source sheet in Hebrew/English accompanies the textual study of each of the classes integrating, Bible texts, Midrash, chassidism kabbalah, folk medicine and medical research.

Chassidut, Self-Improvement and Creativity

Transforming Inner Constriction to Expansiveness | Morah Sarah Prijs

Sometimes our greatest fear is not of failure but of success, of truly knowing, owning, believing in, loving and expressing the inner depths of who we are. In this course we will explore sources from Rav Kook and chassidut on how to love ourselves as created in Hashem’s image, how to truly tap into our authentic selves, into the greatest most expansive possibility that lies within, and how to begin expressing that in the world. To return to who we know we are when we are truly connected to our ultimate Divine roots.

From the Darkness of Exile to the Light of Redemption | Morah Devorah Konikov

Based on the Emunah and Bitachon series of Rabbi Ginsburgh

Tefilah can be viewed as the ladder to self-transformation. We will learn the inner meanings of our daily tefilot, going deep into the words, to emerge rejuvenated and strengthened to fulfill our roles in life.

Turning Your Inner Darkness to Light | Dr. Nurit Sirkis Bank

According to the Teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov

We are given a special gift of Spiritual Transformation – through Teshuva and Tefilah. When we truly believe that there is no other force in the entire world but Hashem, we will turn to Him in sincere prayer, while strengthening our belief that everything that happens to us is for the good. Through believing in the power of Teshuva and Tefilah, and in the constant renewal of all aspects of the creation, we can truly transform our consciousness and our life in the deepest and highest way!

In this course we will learn these foundations of Emunah directly from the writings of the Ba’al Shem Tov. We will furthermore receive practical guidance on how to implement this knowledge into our lives.

Torah & Self-Discovery through Drama | Morah Yedida Miriam Levy

Using Megillat Esther as a base, we will delve into Esther’s journey, exploring the challenges she faced, while also gaining a greater understanding of ourselves, and our potential of the Jewish Woman. This workshop will include drama techniques such as Character Exploration, Personal Monologue – Inner Monologue, and Character Through Line of Action.

Meditative Movement | Heather Gelb

We develop flexibility and strength, health and awareness through exercises focusing on the harmony and unity of body, breath, and mind. We learn about the sephirot to know ourselves made in G-d’s image, vessels for light and knowledge. We connect heaven and earth, the breath (neshima) and the soul (neshama). Through this connection we grow in tefilah (prayer) and mitzvot, clinging to the Tree of Life, growing in peace and joy.


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