Massive Second-Hand Book Sale In The German Colony!


Aug 16, 2020 | Events | Jerusalem & Area
Massive Second-Hand Book Sale In The German Colony!
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German Colony

After a break for most of the 9 days, part two of the German Colony Book Sale continues till mid August, please share with relevant friends:

Over 2000 2nd hand books in great condition at excellent prices! The adult fiction is all in English, but there is a large selection of children's/teens books in both English and Hebrew. There are also a nice selection of seforim and Jewish books in English and Hebrew. Come browse- there is something for everyone: Fiction and non-fiction (the largest I've ever had), children's books, Judaica, thrillers, romance, Historical fiction, crime, law, medical, drama, action, cookbooks, history, and more!

For Carona Precautions- Windows are open, I will allow in only 2 people at a time (or 3 if from the same family) wearing masks. Gloves would be appreciated too.

Keep in mind if you have good condition fantasy, sc-fi or comics, you might be able to get credit. Check with me first.

When: Now and for the next two weeks. There are no set hours, I am often flexible and available between 11AM-11PM, however you must check with me before coming to confirm. Check about an hour or two before you want to come.

Best to call me to set a time: 052-3392-814.

Where: Masaryk 4, entrance A, ground level, the door says Arye on it.

As always, no need to worry that all the good things will run out quickly, as they are ALL good and there is plenty for everyone.


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