Soft Matzah (Shmurah)

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Soft Matzah (Shmurah)
100 NIS

Have your Hillel Sandwich the way it was intended!
1) Price: 4 loaves, made with whole wheat flour, for 100 NIS (They're heavier than the cracker kind)

2) Since they dry out quicker than leavened bread, I "flash freeze" them for you in order to preserve moisture. (Ideally, you should thaw them only 45 min. before eating them).

3) Just SMS me before you come (or call if necessary) to make sure I have for you.  

4) Baked in a KLP oven; made according to the Halakha (Rambam/Shulhan Arukh)

Jon (Shmuel) Nelson
Phone:  0545-224-385 (PLEASE TEXT)

114 Maagelei Yavneh,  Entrance Bet, Apt. 14