Selling your items online? Scam Alert!


Selling your items online? Scam Alert!

FRAUD ALERT: I'm posting my experience in order to help the general community. I just reported a fraud scam. While selling furniture online, someone replied to purchase. They stated they pay through "Israeli Postal Courier". Instructions included: "(the buyer) pays Israeli Postal Courier. I will receive an Israeli Postal Courier form. Fill out. Israeli Postal Courier will send an SMS  code for the transaction. Enter the code." I entered the code, which did not work. However, this allowed the "buyer" to take money through our credit card. They tried five times before our credit card company called me to report possible fraud. Only one fraud transaction went through. The credit card company reported this fraud transaction from a "foreign" account. Investigation now ongoing. Hope this helps everyone. 

Janglo editorial note:

We thank the user who posted the above experience. Always beware of anyone asking for any payment or banking information whether on the phone or online. This is the reason Janglo has the following warning in the posting page for items for sale:

ATTENTION 1: Beware of internet scammers! Never send any banking or any type of payment information to alleged buyers or to their shipping services (a common scam offers to arrange payment through the "Israel Post" courier service). Do not trust any links showing payment for your advertised item or requesting information from you. Janglo does not take or assume any responsibility for loses of any type. 


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