Looking for a professional photoshopper for 1 edit


Looking for a professional photoshopper for 1 edit
Work from home
[email protected]
Work from home

Looking for a professional Photoshop editor to photoshop a photo. The concept is photoshopping a person onto a set background, - a very easy task for someone who knows how to skillfully work with Photoshop.


- Proficient in Photoshop or any other program with the same idea

- Has proven experience in photoshopped photos and can give some examples, so that I know you are able to do the task I'm looking for

- Can work skillfully and produces high quality result

The task:

I will send you the 2 photos by email (the background and the other layer) and you just need to combine them into one for it to look as realistic as possible with all the lighting and texture in mind.

Payment upon completion via PayPal or any other way that we discuss.

For more details/questions or to send your resume + examples of your work, send an emails to [email protected] .


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