VP R&D 779962


VP R&D 779962
Full Time
[email protected]
Bet Shemesh

We are the largest international community of IP professionals. We provide tech-enabled, high-quality, streamlined services to our clients who are primarily law firms and large corporations. We aim to be THE address for all foreign filing needs.


Ability to communicate vision and inspire team to deliver and execute the business strategy

Managing short term and mid term development road map

Ability to direct technical research and product development

Cross functional alignments and leadership

Create best practices for R&D processes and methodologies, to meet required timelines and ensure continuous improvement across all aspects of R&D product life cycles

Budget planning and control for R&D team

Mentor, guide and coach direct reports in order to expand their capabilities and build knowledge and technological depth within the organization

Lead complex technology development projects while managing to budget


10+ years of working experience in an innovative technology environment

5+ years of senior R&D management and leadership experience

B.S.c in computer science or equivalent

Demonstrated ability to successfully lead complex technology development projects while managing to budget

Experience building SaaS platforms, using modern cloud platforms

Hands on deep understanding of product, how it works and its architecture, demonstrate creative and innovative problem solving abilities

Broad knowledge of data analytics tools

Exceptional English communication skills, both written and oral


Our offices are located in Beit Shemesh in the centrally located Neimi shopping center.

Send CV to [email protected]


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