Gratitude Partners for a Day


Mar 06, 2021 | Events | Lessons | National
Gratitude Partners for a Day
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 10/03/2021 Starts 12:00 Ends 12:00
[email protected] 0503040788
Har nof

Gratitude Partners For a Day!

Please join me this Wednesday March 10th, to simply thank Hashem and dedicate your thanking to someone's yeshuah.

The way it works:

Send me a name and the yeshuah you are praying for. And I will pair you up with a gratitude partner for the day. Each partner will receive the other one's name and the yishuah to have in mind with your thanking.

All you have to do is thank Hashem that day and dedicate your thanking to be in the zechus for your partner.

Gratitude is a powerful prayer!

May our thanking bring brachos, yeshuos and achdus bikarov!



[email protected]

050 304 0788

What are you grateful for today?


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