Practice your Hebrew with Me


Practice your Hebrew with Me
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If you have already studied some Hebrew but still need some help along the way, I'm offering a brush up service.. I will help you practice your Hebrew in:

* Everyday's language

* Business level

* Biblical texts

Together we will fix any grammar/spelling mistakes, work on relevant vocabulary and improve pronunciation. If you need some preparation for exams that is possible too.

I am a Hebrew native speaker and a professional translator from several languages to Hebrew. I graduated from Tel Aviv University many years ago and worked as a journalist and an editor. I'm also a mom and a Personal Development coach.

How:  We meet on Zoom app - so you don't have to spend your time and travel.

How long does it take:  1 lesson is 30 minutes. 

How much:  75 Shekels.

Email:  [email protected]

Practice your hebrew and make it perfect! 👍