Research Project: Katamon Historic Property


May 11, 2022 | Jobs | Other | Jerusalem & Area
Research Project: Katamon Historic Property
Freelance / Contractor
07570050527 [email protected]


We would like someone to conduct research on a historic Katamon property. The final result will be approx a 1000 word report (in English), plus a 300 word condensed version - with images, if possible.

This is for the owner of the building who is interested in its history.

However, we require this to be a fact-based piece that is neutral in tone, based on independent, verifiable and reliable sources - ideally including historical photography.

1. What is your background in research and/or local Jerusalem history?

2. Are you able to source and read sources that are in Ivrit?

3. How would you structure the budget?

You will have access to speak to the current owners of the property, which is currently utilised as a home. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 



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