Yeshiva Administrator


Yeshiva Administrator
Full Time

Job Title: Yeshiva Administrator, Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah

Location: Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

Who We Are:

Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah is a unique Torah learning center nestled in the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a continuation of a mesorah of serious limud haTorah alongside an emphasis on personal growth and middos development. The Yeshiva's rigorous approach to the daf, coupled with halacha and mussar, aims to turn talmidim into true b'nei Torah. Under the guidance of Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Nissim Tagger shlita and Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Gavriel Leventhal, our blend of youth and experience is combined to create an unparalleled environment of growth and achdus for both young talmidim and balabatim alike.

Who We’re Looking For:

The Yeshiva just held its 30th anniversary dinner and completed the renovation and extension of the beis medrash. Student recruitment is on the rise and a new younger generation of staff have stepped up to fill key positions. We're looking for someone with experience who is ready to build, lead and inspire growth in our team. Someone who says "Yes, I'm happy to help!". Someone for whom no job is too big or too small and everything is possible.

The Role:

Everyone has a different definition of this role. Call it an Administrator, a Director, a Manager, an Executive Director - you are responsible for Bircas HaTorah! You report to the Rosh Yeshiva and the Board of Directors and are responsible for the fiscal and organizational health of the Yeshiva — managing operations, budgets, staff, and projects. Of course you're not doing it alone. We have a full time secretary, onsite administrator, financial director, fundraiser, recruiter, dorm manager and other staff to help you get the job done.

Principal Responsibilities:

- Lead staff and board in planning and assessing organizational needs

- Supervise and manage staff

- Oversee recruitment team efforts

- Manage fund development efforts including donor management and fundraising campaigns

- Oversee they yeshiva's year-round day-to-day operational responsibilities

- Develop and monitor budgets for year-round activities

- Oversee Onsite Administrator to ensure proper maintenance of facilities

- Liaise with parents and assist with tuition setting and collection

- Manage special projects and events

Desired Qualifications:

- At least 5-7 years experience in yeshiva / school administration that includes:

- Experience supervising staff

- Budget development and implementation

- Fundraising

- Work with SalesForce / GSuite

- Willingness to learn, receive input and think outside of the box

Location: Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah, Old City (parking permit included!)

Starting: Eul

Duration: Full-time

Application Instructions

To apply for this job, please email [email protected] with a cover letter, and your attached resume.