Accounting & Logistics Manager


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Accounting & Logistics Manager
Full Time
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Syntezza Bioscience Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Israel of IDT- Integrated DNA Technologies, MGI, Grisp, Trilink and Transomic in Israel. We are also the exclusive distributor in Israel of Macrogen for DNA/Sanger sequencing and BioBasic for genes. In addition, we supply other products, among them custom made peptides from suppliers for whom we are not exclusive distributors.

Syntezza aspires to address the needs of the molecular biology community in Israel by providing high quality products for a wide range of applications along with quick delivery time and excellent customer service. Our sales reps in the field are able to keep abreast of the current techniques and changing needs of the customers so that we can continually update and broaden our product lines. Syntezza serves academic and government research facilities as well as corporate customers in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, biotechnological and medical diagnostic industries.

Our product range includes modified and unmodified DNA, RNA, and LNA oligos, genes, RNA silencing and mir products, dual-labeled probes and assays, PCR enzymes, custom-made peptides, NextGen products, and MGC Premier cDNA clones. We offer DNA Sequencing Service and Next Gen Sequencing Services. We also offer subcloning services into a variety of vectors including viral vectors. We provide a number of kits: a DNA extraction kit, a PCR ready-to-use mix which we developed and manufacture as well as the IDT – Surveyor Mutation detection kit.

Role Description

This is a temporary (ten months) 7-8 hours a day on-site role located in Jerusalem District, Israel. As an Accounting & Logistics Manager at Syntezza Bioscience, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing the logistics and accounting activities of the company. Your day-to-day tasks will include coordinating shipping and delivery processes and processing financial transactions . You will work closely with cross-functional teams to streamline operations and improve efficiency.


High level English and Hebrew

Knowledge in science - a plus

accounting knowledge - a plus

Proficiency in MS outlook and MS Excel

Excellent organizational and multitasking skills

Attention to detail and accuracy

Ability to work independently and collaboratively

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


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