Wedding Photographer Israel by Ariel Ravinsky


Wedding Photographer Israel by Ariel Ravinsky

GETTING THE PERFECT SHOT - Wedding Phorographer Israel

TeknoArt Photography Dream Team

When the last guests have gone and the chosson and kallah leave with their gifts, all we have left of the wedding are the memories; a gift from Hashem. But memories can lose their luster over time, and the best way to keep them alive is to have something timeless and tangible to represent them.

Ariel Ravinsky established TeknoArt Ltd, a photography dream team that preserves those memories. His team comprises a group of hand-picked photographers, lighting assistants and a design department. TeknoArt integrates high-end photographic equipment with superb photography skills and constant innovation. Their work takes them around Israel and across the world and they produce their albums at top-of-the-line print laboratories in Israel.

We enjoyed discussing wedding photography in Israel with Ariel Ravinsky, CEO and founder of TeknoArt.

Everyone has cameras on their phones now and anyone with a good camera can take pictures. So why do I need to hire a professional photographer?

In the past, when photography involved using film, there was no room for mistakes. A photographer’s technical skills were paramount to his success. Cameras today are extremely sophisticated, but they are only our tools. If you bought a shiny trumpet that wouldn’t mean you could play jazz. Photographers have it easier today in terms of technical issues, and so are evaluated based mostly upon the artistic qualities of their work. My modern “trumpet” knows how to play notes by itself. But it’s the photographer who determines whether the “music” sounds pleasant.

Today there are a lot of ways to design your own album. Why can’t I just take my photos from the wedding and make an album myself?

When people try to do things on their own, irreversible mistakes can occur. Working with a studio ensures that every step of the process is completed with care and expertise, while still giving the client the opportunity to make style and design choices. All photos in the album we produce are retouched, and undergo advanced digital processing.

There are so many event photographers out there. Where do we start? What should we look for when we choose a photographer?

You should be impressed by a photographer’s portfolio, and relate to the photography style. No less important than photography skills are the photographer’s or the business’s reliability and reputation. One of our advantages at TeknoArt is that we have a group of nine superb photographers, and a client can choose the photographer he best relates to with regard to style and personality.

How far in advance should we book a photographer?

I recommend asking the hall for several different open dates, and then checking when the desired vendors (photographer, band, hairdresser, etc.) are available. That way the couple doesn’t have to forgo what they really want.

Do photographers specialize in specific sectors of the population and should I look for someone from mine?

Sure. It’s important for a photographer to be very familiar and experienced with your type of event, and to understand all the nuances of every sector of the population he works with.

How many hours do we need to have a photographer at our event?

An average event lasts for five hours. Add to that a photo session of about two hours outside the hall before the event, and another hour and a half for shooting pictures of the families. We suggest to the chosson and kallah a photo session at night after the event, when everyone is a little more relaxed. Those last photos greatly enrich the album, as well as the couple’s memories of such a special night.

How can photographers balance their role of capturing every moment but not getting in the way or making the hosts feel they’re intruding on private moments?

A photographer must be sensitive enough to know where and when he can get close and when he needs to take a step back. The sophisticated equipment used today enables a photographer to capture feelings at the right moment, even from a distance.

Who are your clients?

We have a large variety of clients from the whole spectrum of the religious population in Israel, as well as in Europe, the Ukraine, and the United States. What is preferable – to hire an independent photographer or to work with a big studio? With teams from large studios like TeknoArt, the photographers have known each other for years, are experienced at working together, and coordinate their schedules. An independent photographer has to assemble a makeshift team for any specific evening, and the success of the team is not guaranteed.

With very large events, or when extremely important guests have been invited, it’s best to have two or more teams working together. It is important to make sure the photography teams coordinate what they will each be doing, and are experienced at working together.

What is the secret to creating an excellent album with great photographs?

All you need is cooperation, sticking to a set schedule, and a good atmosphere. From there on, the sky’s the limit.

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