Nova Catering Pesach menu! Recommended!


Nova Catering Pesach menu! Recommended!

I highly recommend ordering your Pesach food (or catering for any other event)  from Avi and Devorah of Nova Catering!

Their food is tasty, their service pleasant, and you can sit back and enjoy Pesach while they cook for you!

You can see details below and check out their Pesach menu, which is attached.

Rochie Hurwitz

Dear Customers,

This Pesach you can truly be free!
Leave the cooking to us and enjoy delicious, fresh, homemade food.
Kosher Lamehadrin Rabbanut Yerushalayim, no Kitniyot.

Attached please see our Pesach takeout menu.
Orders can be placed on our website
Alternatively, you can order by phone or email.
Please place your order by Monday 30/3/20.
Delivery will be on Tuesday 7/4/20.

We will be happy to hear from you and be at your service for your next event!

Chag Same'ach!

Avi and Devorah Scharf
NOVA catering