PPC and Growth Executive


Mar 10, 2022 | Jobs | Marketing | Beit Shemesh
PPC and Growth Executive
Full Time
Beit Shemesh

We are looking for an experienced and motivated PPC and Growth Executive for a rapidly growing digital marketing company focused on clients abroad, Israeli startups and non-profit organizations.

The PPC and Growth Executive will develop and lead the growth strategy for all the campaigns and projects using data, knowledge, experience, and hands-on participation.

Responsibilities include:

  • Driving and executing growth initiatives projects to target revenue
  • Creating innovative and compelling campaign and project strategies through effective growth technology tools available
  • Gaining influence and buy-in of content concepts from team members and clients
  • Developing and Executing lead generation campaigns through traditional, social media and search engine initiatives
  • Managing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for the company in order to ensure positive, profitable and affordable ROA results
  • Providing data-driven guidance and strategic decisions based on campaign analysis
  • Participating in team meetings to ensure alignment, smooth and timely execution on all projects and campaigns
  • Identifying and implementing new growth techniques to all assets (website, FB, PPC, etc)
  • Provide data-driven guidance and strategic decisions based on analysis


  • Proven track record of leading digital marketing campaigns
  • Proven track record with positive ROAS Facebook campaigns
  • Experience with Facebook ads and Google Analytics
  • Leadership skills
  • Great understanding of best practices with digital marketing

If you are also passionate about Google and Facebook ads, growth and love for Israel, please send us your CV to [email protected] with the Subject Line: PPC and Growth Executive


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