Danziger Design - Customized Metal Home Furnishings Dining, Living Room, Outdoors


Danziger Design - Customized Metal Home Furnishings Dining, Living Room, Outdoors



Who wants to make his dream a reality?
So we will be happy to fulfill this dream for you!
Let's hear ...

If you have a thought / dream / idea / image for a particular piece of furniture, we at Danziger design will accompany you through the entire process, which combines planning, execution and bringing it to you.

Our unique furniture is characterized by their different shapes, the dialogue between the materials and sometimes the tension created between the shapes, textures and materials. The studio is evident in the quality of the material and the quality of the product. The company provides professional advice, and is given the opportunity to sit down with the designer for personal advice. We are committed to providing the personal, fast and best service for you.

And in short:
Thought creates reality
The best raw materials
Personal and professional attitude
Unique design just for you

So why not us?
To contact us, call or leave us a message and we will make sure that our representative will get back to you soon.

So how did it all start?
Danziger design advocates the realization of the customer's dream into reality.

My name is Baruch Danziger, my attraction and love for materials like iron, wood and glass started when I was a young kid who loved to design. All my life I have been connected to design. I started working in locksmithing and at the same time, I decided to combine the world of design with the world of furniture. I took the best raw materials and began to develop the potential within me.

Every piece of furniture produced by us receives full attention while maintaining a high level of finish and processing.

I am more than happy to provide you customers with preliminary advice and finding creative solutions that will allow your home furniture to be beautiful, unique, comfortable and functional.

IRON IN-OUT and a combination of elements of wood and glass
we are here to reveal the secret to you!

Iron design is a unique, classic and elegant beauty, but it is certainly possible to add additional elements such as wood and glass to the furniture and items. Also at the consulting and planning stage we will be happy to offer you original, different ideas, which you can find only at your place and not in any other store.

Iron furniture will provide you with new standards of durability, not only will it maintain a high level of design in your home and will blend in perfectly with any design style.

The furniture blends harmoniously, wonderfully and uniquely into the space of the room and the exterior, and it will always attract the attention of the room.

Decorated iron furniture can fit into any space you want. They can be an integral part of the dining area and they can be integrated into the design of the living room and other rooms.

And finally, your satisfaction is without a doubt our success, so you can be sure that we will do everything to be sure that you will be satisfied with the completion of the joint project