The Accounting Center - Hillel Steiner CPA(IL), MBA | For your peace of mind


The Accounting Center - Hillel Steiner CPA(IL), MBA | For your peace of mind
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The Accounting Center
is a boutique accounting office specializing in small business and companies.

Hillel Steiner, CPA has a B.A. in accounting and information systems from the Lev Academic Center and a master’s degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Hillel has significant experience as an accountant for small businesses, self-employed, companies and associations, interacting with tax authorities and more.

He worked for Deloitte as an Accountant and Consultant in a wide variety of roles, including internal and external audits for private and public companies, analysis of financial statements, tax reports.

In his position as a comptroller in high-tech companies he acquired hands-on experience in the startup world.

Hillel lectures in accounting at the Lev Academic Center.

Languages: English and Hebrew

Our Services

  • Advice in setting up a business and the best way to register it with the various government offices: עוסק פטור, עוסק מורשה, חברה בע"מ
  • Preparation of annual reports for the self-employed
  • Auditing and preparation of financial statements especially high-tech companies
  • Preparing reports for government departments as required
  • Comparing budget vs. actual performance
  • Working with the Israel Innovation Authority
  • Arranging tax refunds for employees
  • Declaration of capital (הצהרת הון)
  • Obtaining special permits
  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Constructing financial forecasts

Tel: 050-912-0294

Email: [email protected]


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