Help getting fragrance free detergent to teen in Holon


Help getting fragrance free detergent to teen in Holon
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My 17 year old is in Holon for the summer, he's a "bro pair"/English helper/teacher for a family with three kids.

He's got super sensitive skin and we realize we should have sent him with fragrance free detergent pods but surely we can make this happen in Israel?

He's essentially limited to walking and both parents work crazy long hours and he hates to drive him, he is also concerned they will insist on paying (it's become a battle, but he's figured out how to walk to simple mall store and get his own snacks). His Hebrew (despite 12 year of NYC pluralistic Jewish day school) is not enough to make his way on the bus (yes, I am pushing him to keep trying...)

So is there anyplace in Israel where I can order some that will ship/mail/drop off to Holon? Right now, my best googling gets me supplements and nut stores (though sending him sugar free natural peanut butter would be a bonus, where is a Trader Joes when you need one??)

Ideas? Whatsapp or email fine.




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