Full Time, Freelance / Contractor
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Feeling lonely? 

Dont have anyone to talk to? 

Have no one to go out with you places? 

Need to be seen with someone beside you? 

Here is where I come in! 

I came up with this idea a few years back when I was working cleaning houses for a living and I started to realize that a few of my customers would call me in to clean but in fact they would give me very little to do and they will talk to me for hours. 

5 years I have started doing private companionship service and ongoing for people just like you who need that person in their life for several different reasons.

Going out doing shopping, going to clubs, watching a movie, hiking/walking and even just simply sitting and talking on a cup of coffee.

For a lot of reasons people like you and I need that extra person in their life and I just chose helping people while making a living out of it. 

I would never judge, laugh, take advantage of anyone and all the meetings are strictly exclusive and private. 

keep in mind this is not a "do "everything for you" service. 

this is strictly a companionship service. 

My name is Jesse . you can reach out to me on my cell phone number, WhatsApp or email. 

I Speak both English and Hebrew 

Phone number/WhatsApp: 058-680-0060

Email: j[email protected]