Free Yoga & Meditation Offerings


Apr 06, 2020 | Events | Tel Aviv / Mercaz
Free Yoga & Meditation Offerings

Seeking calm amidst the chaos? Wanting to feel more grounded and less overwhelmed? 

Join me for meditation, breath and yoga sessions to help you relax in all the right ways.  Free of charge (or by donation if you feel so moved).

You can access the content on my new Ayo Yoga YouTube channel at

These complimentary videos and sessions are part of my 'Beat Corona' series during this time of social distancing, and I intend to continue them beyond that.  

Current videos include guided meditations and breathwork (e.g. "You Are Not Alone", "Calm in the Chaos", "Meditation for a Sound Sleep", etc.) as well as physical yoga and stretch practices.  Feel welcome to share the link above with friends and enjoy!

Light and Love,
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