Random COVID-19 tests to begin at Israeli supermarkets


Mar 31, 2020 | News | Jerusalem & Area
Random COVID-19 tests to begin at Israeli supermarkets

The plan to conduct COVID-19 random sample tests in supermarkets in Israel by the Ministry of Health and Weizmann Institute of Science has been delayed, but not canceled. Sources inform "Globes" that it will begin in the coming days. The sources added that the random samples would be taken from cashiers and shoppers by representatives of the IDF Home Front Command, with the tests being sent to laboratories of the Weizmann Institute.

The Weizmann Institute is operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Health in order to reach places where people are allowed to assemble and conduct tests there. The large retail food chains have been selected for this purpose. The goal of this joint initiative is to map Israel's population in order to find out where the coronavirus is located in Israel.

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