CompuTip - Windows 10 Built-in Backup T-356


CompuTip - Windows 10 Built-in Backup T-356

Windows 10 has a built-in backup system.  But it's usually turned off.
It's called File History.  It saves copies of your files so that you can easily open earlier file versions.

According to one source,

"While File History doesn’t let you create complete system backups, it is relatively easy to use and a reasonable choice if you need only to save local copies of files you create in Windows. ...File History will store copies of the files and update them automatically as needed."  


Backups up automatically in background once an hour.
Lets you see files on backed up drive.
Keeps previous versions of files.
Lets you restore an individual file.
It is supposed to backup locally if external hard disk drive is not connected and then copy all the files once it connects.


Doesn't let you create a image. [A "photocopy" of your entire hard disk - AR]
Backup app on Win 10 lets you create 1 image per receiving device.
No cloud backups.
Doesn't work with multiple devices.


OK for ongoing backups  

For more information: 

How to use Windows 10 File History to back up data

Native Windows Backup Vs. Professional Backup Application

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