Bridge your GAP!  Get skilled. Gain a good life. 


Bridge your GAP!  Get skilled. Gain a good life. 

Zoom in on new and classic tools with : G.A.P.- Giving Authority back to Parents. Learn about Attachment, ADHD, Lifestyle & Health, Brain Power, Sholem Bayis, Deep Torah Insights, Resilience and Positivity, At-Risk Prevention, Siblings, Teenagers and more. The Right Track-B’Derech HaMelech is swiftly improving parents’ and grandparents’ skills with life-changing results to keep all children going strong, regardless of age or difficulties encountered on the derech of life. We are opening up two new courses of our series for women, GAP Foundations (8-week) and GAP Advanced (6-week) series. Come join us in creating happier, sustainable Jewish families at Torah Parent

Our Rabbinically endorsed website is accessible in English, Hebrew, with some services available in Yiddish. We work with couples, parents, teachers, mentors, grandparents, teenagers and mothers in particular. If you do not have internet access, or would like to join our classes by phone, please contact us at: [email protected] or call 050-410-1251 or 052-763-9018.


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