Sales Operations For Social Impact StartUp


Jul 11, 2022 | Jobs | Sales | Jerusalem & Area
Sales Operations For Social Impact StartUp
Full Time


CauseMatch is a fast-growing, venture-backed fintech company that provides an end-to-end online fundraising platform for non-profits the world over. We help organizations fundraise smarter so that they can bring more good into the world.


We are looking to add a Sales Operations Manager (SOM) to our current team.

The candidate we are looking for is passionate and proactive. A person who knows the operations landscape, and has a deep understanding of sales. A person looking to do great and meaningful work with people who are bringing good into the world.

Based in Jerusalem.


The Sales Operations Manager (SOM) position will:

Support and enable the sales teams to sell more efficiently and effectively by providing strategic direction and reducing friction in the sales process. To do this, sales ops fulfills both strategic and tactical functions.

The SOM will create and analyze sales and marketing data, perform research, develop and improve new and existing sales processes. He/she will perform product and sales training, and develop and implement sales methodologies and best practices.


  • People-person, friendly and warm
  • Driven and passionate, a self-starter
  • Excellent communication and writing skills - Team-player
  • Attention to detail
  • Multi-tasker
  • Great organizational skills
  • Eager to learn new things, test your limits and skills

Required Skills:

  • Knows how to use multiple crms and management systems ie. Salesforce & Hubspot
  • Strategic thinking
  • Has general knowledge base for opps as a whole within different departments
  • can build out complex funnels and processes for the relevant departments
  • hone in on giving correct reporting across the board
  • make integrations with 3rd party providers easier
  • using processes to connect the different departments
  • continuous ability to upgrade and perfect the what is in place
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills


  • 2+ years experience in a sales operations role in a technology company
  • 2+ years experience working with SalesForce and Hubspot
  • Familiarity with sales processes and knows how to take that knowledge to create proper flows within the CRM
  • Excellent understanding of sales data analysis
  • Excellent familiarity and understanding of sales best practices
  • Training staff on new technology and software


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