Breath better and Live longer with a home Air Purifier


Breath better and Live longer with a home Air Purifier


air Purifiers for your Health!

Biozone air purifiers works for asthma & allergies

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Breath Better and Live Longer with a Biozone Air Purifier

Buy an air purifiers for your health and home. Biozone air purifiers or air cleaners work effectively to kill mold, fungus, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Mold and fungus makes your house smell moldy and musty, there are also many health risks associated with mold and fugal spores being lodged into your or your families lungs potentially resulting in severe infection.



  See what other users are saying:

"Hi Joe,

I have been really happy with the air purifier I bought from you.  My daughter stopped coughing a couple of days after I put it in her room, and she has been feeling great since..

"Thanks for getting back to me. Next time I will call.  I just tried it again and it looks like the plug was just loose and now it works, so for now I'm all set.  Such a relief! It has really been an amazing change since we started using it."

 Cheryl; Jangalo User.

BioZone Air Purifier Testimonials:

"After we got the BioZone, my friends immediately commented that my home no longer smelled like smoke."
-- Deb Mayo, Sudbury, MA

"We live in an extremely old home in Connecticut with a damp basement. I keep our BioZone Air Purifier running constantly and there is no more musty, damp odor!"
-- Regina Cecchi, Avon, CT

"We have three cats and no matter what we did, our home always smelled like the litter box. Then I put in a BioZone Air Purifier. Now you'd never even know we have pets!"
-- Ronnie Wright, Los Angeles, CA

"We have checked several homes for airborne mold and contaminants and after running the BioZone units for just 24 hours, the mold count is dramatically reduced."
-- Quincey Carvel, Environmental Industries

"Dear BioZone, About this time of year my allergies drive me crazy. Our two BioZone Air Purifiers gave me a safe haven in our home and at work. Thanks for the relief. I only wish I had discovered this device years ago.
-- Ray Davis

"Allergy season may be all around outdoors, but in the safety of my bedroom I am not aware of anything except clean, fresh air. Breathing has become a pleasure again, thanks to your home air purifier."
-- John Davis

"As a new 2nd grade teacher, I knew I would be constantly exposed to a lot of sickness this first year. I brought one of your BioZone air purifiers to my classroom and only had one cold all year. The other new teachers seemed to always have a cold or flu. This product really works."
-- Sara Price, Wilmington, DE

Biozone TravelAire 250

APPLICATIONS for a TravelAire 250 Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:
Whatever you travel in - planes, trains, autos, taxis, limos, etc.
Wherever there are large groups of people - meetings, concerts, movies
Wherever there is tobacco smoke
DESCRIPTION of the TravelAire 250 Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:

The Biozone Travel Air Purifier / Air Cleaner is a small, compact,
battery operated unit that can significantly reduce pollutants and
contaminants in your personal space.
Biozone Travel Air Purifier / Air Cleaner uses scientifically advanced,
proprietary PureWave process that removes contaminants from air
and surfaces through the use of its powerful photoplasma
air purification method.
The Biozone Travel Air Purifier / Air Cleaner is a compact,
10 oz. unit designed to purify the air in your accommodations
anywhere you stay. Small, and easy to pack,
this Travel Air Purifier / Air Cleaner will dramatically reduce
the level of contaminants by destroying bacteria, viruses, mold,
neutralizing chemical gases, and eliminating unpleasant odors.
BENEFITS of the TravelAire 250 Air Purifier / Air Cleaner:
Reduces your exposure to contaminants and allergens.


Air Purifying Method - Photoplasma
Housing Material - ABS
Electric - 12VDC with accompanying adapter
Dimensions - 6" x 4" x 1 1/2"

Biozone TravelAire 250

 Did you know:

  • There are many different types of air purifiers and use very different technology?
  • Did you know that Biozone air purfiers work without the use of filters?

 Biozone air purifers uses the same technology as the sun uses to clean the air via photoplasma?

We are the authorized dealers for Israel and provide a 3 year warranty on the product. Also a 10 day money back if you are not satisfied with the results.

we are based in Jerusalem on Yafo st.



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