Deloitte Israel R&D Center : Backend Development Lead


Deloitte Israel R&D Center : Backend Development Lead
Full Time

Backend Development Lead for Deloitte R&D Center

As an engineering lead, you will lead teams to build and enhance our

newest product suite and applications to digitize clinical data flow.

You will be involved in development at varying levels of detail, from

working with product owners to identify requirements and translating

documented user stories and requirements into a technical approach, to

spending time “hands on coding” building out functionality, overseeing

sprint planning and ongoing development and deliverables, maintaining

product quality, and meeting deadlines.

Skills and Qualifications

7+ years of hands-on experience developing web-based, cloud, and enterprise applications

Demonstrated success in designing/developing restful APIs &

microservice-based systems using Java, Spring Boot Framework, and

cloud-native services.

Proven experience leveraging AWS cloud-native technologies

Experience leading teams building API & microservice-based applications and single page applications


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