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Product Lister
Part Time, Work from home
Work from home

We are seeking an experienced individual with knowledge of grocery products to manage our product data. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring accurate categorization and up-to-date information in our product listings.


- Reviewing multiple product listings and determining the appropriate categorization, merging and resolving inconsistencies and duplicates.

- Developing structure, policies, and guidance for future product listings.

- Staying up-to-date with new products on the market.

- Establishing direct channels with vendors and manufacturing companies.


- At least 2 years of experience working with Excel and Microsoft Office.

- At least 2 years of experience working in a professional office environment.

- Experience with photo editing.

- Excellent command of English spelling.

- Competence with web, Microsoft Office applications and easy adaptability using other applications, such as Airtable.

- Familiarity with American Kosher market.

Work from home, 20 hours per week, flexible hours, some hours over US time

Short term project (around 2-3 months), potential for more projects in the future

Apply online!/0bf6e142-1c67-4398-b065-c7d13bb7e26c/detail or email [email protected]


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