Over 1,000 Cool "Welcome Home" Signs


Over 1,000 Cool "Welcome Home" Signs

Hi Everyone!

During the past 14 years, I went to Ben Gurion Airport over 40
times, very early in the morning, to welcome new olim arriving in Israel.
Each event was a thrill. Watching the new olim get off the planes
and walk their first steps in their homeland is something special.
Hearing the guests cheer for the olim and seeing families united
in our homeland is very exciting. Looking at the lone soldiers, who 
volunteered to join and serve the IDF, gives you a spirtual lift.

Over the years, I took over 13,000 photos of the olim and guests
and posted them on my website at:

What most people may overlook, while viewing the photos,
are the posters and signs people created especially for the event.
I went through all my photos and selected over 1,000 signs
for you to browse through. Many of the words on the signs
will make you smile. Some will make you laughter. Many will
make you think about friends and relatives who made aliyah 
to live in Eretz Yisrael.

I posted the photos online at:


Please share. Thank you!

Stay safe and have a good night ,


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