How to Manage Negative Emotional States --


How to Manage Negative Emotional States --
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 01/07/2021 Starts 08:30 Ends 09:15 20 NIS
[email protected] 052-7637029

--How to Manage Negative Emotional States--

such as excessive worry, sadness,    overwhelm, frustration, loneliness, resentment

Negative feelings can interfere with our daily functioning.

In this seminar you will learn a technique to
---identify the feelings you are having
---understand what is causing them
---create a plan how to deal with them

The result is being able to manage the negative feelings and function better.

given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory
Certified NLP Master-Practitioner

this Thursday, כא' תמוז, July 1
at 8:30 -- 9:15 PM --- 20 shekels

for information and registration:
 [email protected]
Phone: 052-7637029


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