JR Passover Updates


JR Passover Updates

Hi Everyone!

Below are the Passover Updates:

Educational Resources for Passover


* OU Guide to Passover

* Philo-Torah: Search and Burn Chametz

* Philo-Torah: The Seder of the Seder

* eLuna: Israeli Restaurants open on Chol Hamoed Pesach 2024

* Free Passover Museums & Sites in Israel sponsored by Bank Hapoalim

* HaMizrachi Pesach Edition

* Yeshiva University Torah To-Go Pesach Edition

* Hostage Posters for the Seder table

* PJ Library: Passover River Ride

* Passover Story by Rebecca Redner

Passover Videos on YouTube


Over 900 video from the past 17 years including 26 new ones for 5784

* From Slavery to Freedom: Your Passover Crash Course

* Six13: Matza Mia! An ABBA Passover

* The Story of the Exodus from Egypt - Hebrew, for kids

* Yaakov Shwekey - United We Stand

* Are Papushado Cookies Kosher for Pesach or Complete Chametz?

- Hebrew with some humor

* IDF Rabanut: Pesach Hotline - Hebrew with humor

* Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky: Pesach - Celebrating Slavery

* Kosher for Passover - Braised Moroccan Chicken Recipe!!!

* Children's Activities: Passover Quiz - Hebrew

* Caramelized Apple Noodle Kugel - For Passover!!!

* Passover Seder and Shabbat Recipes Sephardic Pesach Menu

* Mitzvah Tanks rolling out ahead of Passover

* Torah Live: The Secret to Redemption - A Passover Message

* Rav Tzvi Shimshoni: 4 Levels of Redemption - Hebrew

* These Are The Best Passover Chicken Fingers

* New Matzah Factory in the South

* Prayer notes removed from Jerusalem's Western Wall

ahead of Passover holiday

* Matzo Ball Soup - More Than Just A Passover Staple

* Funny Passover Advertisement

* Aish Jewish: Passover Seder 2024

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen, Shiffy Silverstone, and Rabbi Tzvi Sytner

* Torah on the Go: Passover: Suffering and Joy Through Food

* How to make Matzah brittle for Passover

* "Der Seder" - Passover Song - Yiddish, with English subtitles

* Talking About The Exodus from Egypt - Rabbi Akiva Tatz

* What is your Favorite Passover Food?

* How To Make The Easiest Crepes for Passover with Naomi Nachman

Passover Humor


* Seder Boss

* Seder of the Minions

* I identify as Matzah

* Crossing the Red Sea

* I'm So Makpid on Kitniyos

Enjoy! Please share. Thank You!

Please continue to pray for and support Israel.


May the wounded have a complete and speedy recovery.

May the hostages be freed now.

May God protect the IDF, the police, the security forces

and all of Am Yisrael.

Happpy Passover!

Chag Pesach Kasher V'Sameach!


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