Front End Web Developer


Front End Web Developer
Full Time, Freelance / Contractor
0555536441 [email protected]
Nachal Dolev 41/1 Beit Shemesh

My name is Simcha Schaum and I am looking for a junior or entry-level position as a front-end web developer. I have been studying web development for the past two years, earning 3 certifications to date from I interned this summer as a developer for Taryag Analytics and currently continue to build front-end apps. I know, and build projects in, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.

Before aliya, I was a Jewish educator, teaching at Yavneh Academy for 14 years. My experience there has helped me hone a sharp understanding to the needs of end-users, the ability to communicate effectively, and become adept at working with all types of people. I was recognized for innovation, professional growth, and leadership.

I am a native English speaker, with a strong grasp on the language. My Hebrew is strong enough to converse with native Hebrew speakers.
I'd love to be in touch about potential job leads, either by phone or WhatsApp (055-553-6441) or email ([email protected]).