CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder
Full Time

Stealth mode security startup is looking for a Co-Founder/CEO (with at least one previous exit under his belt) to team up for creating a breakthrough cyber security platform addressing the most recent and acute mission-critical pain in the new uncovered market which has an unlimited growth potential.

The venture is being built by serial Israeli entrepreneurs, multiple times backed by leading VCs, raised over 100M$ and having several exits in the past with high ROI for the investors.

The product, based on groundbreaking patent-pending technology, had secured a tremendous market feedback, multiple testimonials and commitments from leading CISO’s of global organizations, serious interest from the potential investors (VCs and angels) and channel partners.


· Vast experience in Cyber space.

· At least one successful journey as а CEO/COO & Co-Founder of building a cyber/cloud/enterprise technology VC-backed start-up company from the ground up.

· Past experience with raising money from VCs from seed up to growth rounds, backed up by achieving suitable metrics.

· Vast experience with building business management/sales/marketing/ G&A operation.

· Proven skills of work with international large corporations, channel partners and technological representatives.

· Past experience with operational processes building, “on-the-ground” management, risk management and KPI data supervising.

· Proven track record with “founder’s sales”, defining future sales strategy and profiling.

· Handling exponential growth with aggressive timeline goals.

· Proven track record with Board of Directors and corporate stakeholders communication.

· Being still hungry, willingness to work hard.

About the position

As a CEO and Co-Founder you will be responsible about

· Defining the overall strategy from launch to scale

· Driving growth, profitability and company value

· Lead the securing of investment rounds operation with VCs, Angels investors, PEs and corporate funds

· Developing and implementing scalable and efficient strategies to ensure consistent results and exponential growth

· Attracting, retaining and developing world-class talent

· Leading a high-performing progress.

· Driving day-to-day operations

· Aligning resources to achieve key business goals

· Owning the operational budget and managing burn rate

· Managing competition and threats in the marketplace, with constant evaluation of the financial structure, capital strategy and strategic objectives

· Providing expert guidance to all departments, including operations, product, sales and marketing

· Reporting updates to the Board of Directors and corporate stakeholders regarding progress on strategic goals

· Building strategic partnerships and relationships to drive growth

· Being the public champion for the business

· Establishing credibility throughout the customer and partner network

Employment Type

Full-time job, 100% Co-Founder position!!

Interested candidates pls send your CVs to [email protected]


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