Medical billing Rep - Work from Home


Medical billing Rep - Work from Home
Work from home

Medical billing Rep - Work from Home

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include:

- entering data, such as new patient information, and discharge and insurance information, and ensuring that total data match client data.

-sending out bills, posting Medicaid and Medicare remittance, entering diagnosis as received from client, and posting ancillary billing services.

-following up on unpaid claims to ensure proper financial reimbursement from insurance companies.

-obtaining, updating and tracking insurance authorizations for patients; coordinating long-term care with social workers; managing and coordinating Medicaid application; and planning patients’ discharge.

Other responsibilities may include training in other new employees.


Interpersonal skills/expectations include: Excellent communication skills.

Organization skills/expectations include: Attention to detail is a must.

2+ years past experience in related position

position is working remotely from home, 30 weekly hours, with at least 10 hours per week overlapping US working hours

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