Borrow and Read Ebooks for FREE N-290


Borrow and Read Ebooks for FREE N-290

You can now view and download ebooks (electronic books) for FREE


from your public library in Israel, INCLUDING Jerusalem, here.

I suggest borrowing and downloading ebooks if you love to read, but may have problems connecting to the  Internet.

Here are a few occasions when having preloaded ebooks might be useful: 
  • You are on a vacation.  The weight of bringing several books with you may cause EasyJet to charge an extra fee.

  • You want to read in bed without the the weight of a real book or the radiation associated with Internet connections.

  • You are on a plane and don't have access to the Internet.

  • You're on a bus or train.  You could connect to the Internet to read or work online, but experts recommend NOT using your cell phone or tablet in a closed, moving metal vehicle with an Internet connection.  Your device will have to emit a lot of radiation in order to stay connected. (Email me for my "Short Guide to Reducing Cell Phone Radiation.")

  • You are going to miluim and have no idea whether you will have an Internet connection available.

The Israel Digital Library initiative includes nearly 5000 ebook titles as well as 600 audio books IN ENGLISH.  I even found 150 science fiction titles.

You need a library card.  In Jerusalem, you have to leave an undated security check for 100 NIS at your library branch in order to get a card.  Once registered, you will be able to run your library account. 

Pros - It's free and online. You can browse through the whole list of books online and reserve a book that's currently unavailable.  You can view the ebook in your browser or viewing app and even store the ebook for offline access (for example, on a plane trip).  Also available for Android and iPhone devices.

Cons - You need a library card.  You may have to wait until your book is returned to the library before you can "borrow" it.  The list of books is limited, and your book is on "loan" for 14 - 28 days only.

Here are directions in Hebrew. And here are directions in English.

Note:  You can join more than one library on OverDrive - the program used to access your library.  Each library has its own "pool" of ebooks.  Some libraries have sharing agreements with other cities -- joining one library joins you automatically to its sister libraries.  According to one source, you can pay to join the Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Houston libraries and then download ebooks via OverDrive.

Can't find the book you want?  Check out "11 places for thrifty bookworms to download free e-books."

Note:  Using the Jerusalem library system was like a trip backward in time - I was reminded of Israel when I came on aliyh in 1969.  You need lots of savlanut (patience) and tushia (resourcefulness).  Also, note that when you get to the OverDrive screen to log in, you will be asked for your library card number. IGNORE THIS.  Instead, type in your Teudat Zehut number.  Make sure NOT to start with a "0."

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