Senior Fundraiser


Senior Fundraiser
Full Time
Tel Aviv/ Mercaz

Internationally acclaimed Israel advocacy organization seeks dedicated fundraiser

Attributes sought

1) Burning desire to raise money for the Organization

  • Appreciates the Organization’s mission and understands its issues. Is dedicated to learning as much as needed to do a great job as a fundraiser.
  • Has big goals for him/herself and for the Organization.
  • Has the courage and belief in the organization to speak to people and ask for money.
  • Is willing to use his/her time to raise money, from small to large donors,
  • Is prepared to work evenings and weekends (not Shabbat) if necessary.

2) Personal characteristics:

  • Cares and empathizes with all kinds of different people and personalities.
  • Has tremendous perseverance-won't be deterred by hearing the word "no" from prospects/donors.
  • Can stay focused and set clear priorities for working through lists and other fundraising projects.
  • Is dedicated to learning from and working with the CEO and/or the senior fundraiser as to how to utilize best practices in fundraising and become a great fundraiser.
  • Is dedicated to reading literature on how to become a great fundraiser as well as energetically pursuing professional training from outside experts provided by the organization.
  • Writes well and knows how to be upbeat and friendly in communications with donors.
  • Effective communicator who is able to relate to people well and explain what the Organization does to prospects/donors.
  • Is both self-motivated and a team player, willing and able to work with others in a friendly and professional manner. Recognizes that management is anticipating communications even if not specifically requested from time to time.
  • Keeps up to date with the latest trends in Not-for-Profit (fundraising) development.

3) Fundraising Experience

  • Has significant fundraising experience successfully soliciting people both in volume of donors and high donor value.
  • Has experience writing proposals for foundations, dealing with foundations and successfully getting money from foundations.
  • Understands the value in networking while not being too invasive of personal space.

4) Administrative skills

- Can develop a fundraising plan that addresses:

- Targeting specific demographics (mainly USA based)

- Penetrating new markets (geographically)

- Can actively assist in the development of a strategic Fundraising approach

- Understands role within team structure and will assist with wider organizational activities as directed by the CEO or other Senior Managers.


  • Must be a Native English speaker
  • Must have an understanding of the Anglo culture (preferably via living there at some point)
  • Must be legally able to work in Israel
  • Must have a College Degree
  • Must have experience working in a business environment
  • Must be open to working flexibly between US & Israel hours
  • Must be open to occasional travel (1 every few months), including potential weekends
  • Preferred – candidate with Fundraising certificate

To apply: send CV/ Resume to [email protected]


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