11 m Room Available on 14/08

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11 m Room Available on 14/08
4,690 NIS 4 Rooms
Floor 3 73 m² Parking, AC, Furnished Owner 0585008508
Baq'a Jerusalem

Looking for a male flat mate who keeps kosher and shabbat and under 35 years-old who'll claim a furnished room (11 sq. m) that's vacant on 14/08 inside a 4 room flat (3 bedrooms + salon). Rent includes arnona and maintenance (Every flatmate benefits from my 80% arnona discount) and it's 4690 (There's the option of renovating the flat prior to the entry date but the rent will be 4990) divided by the number of tenants. The landlord is reasonable and fair, plus the rent is quite low relative to the neighbourhood, even with the rate that includes renovations. Flat's in Baq'a on Ben Yafune, 3rd storey.