Think you're strong? But are you Farmer Strong?


Apr 27, 2021 | Jobs | Other | North
Think you're strong? But are you Farmer Strong?
Part Time
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Think you're strong?  

But are you "Farmer Strong"?  

Would you like to be Farmer Strong?

WANTED:  Responsible individual(s) for doing daily light farming (חקלאות לייט) work on a self-sustaining, living organic farm (משק חי אורגני), i.e. working with various types of mostly edible fruit trees, vegetable gardens, herbs, spices, and farm animals in the GALIL.

Daily routine work includes taking care of the wide variety of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, herbs, and spices - i.e. planting, watering, transplanting, weeding around the plants (+ feeding the animals with all the greens that are cleaned from around the plants and trees), turning over soil to aerate the roots, both MAKING and adding compost, producing worms, and recycling various manures into our organic gardens:  chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, a female donkey, a female pony, and a male mule.  We are considering bringing also some sheep.

Stable, long-term, part-time work, 3-4 hours per day (with possibility for more hours if desired), starting very early.  If you begin at 0600, then you finish by 9-10.  If you begin at 0700, then you finish by 10-11 each morning.

Please only respond if you are a responsible individual who wants long-term, steady, part-time work because RAIN OR SHINE, the animals need to eat and drink, and the plants need to be watered every day including Shabbatot and Hagim.  We are flexible about work days, and conventional 5-6 days per week is not required. 

Work is available 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

We also have have PIKUACH NEFESH work available (if desired though not required) also on Sabbaths and Holidays, and on these days only the very minimum of watering and feeding in order to sustain life is encouraged or allowed.

Individual(s) must be diligent problem-solvers, and capable of solving the daily issues that arise in the life of a farmer as there is always something that needs to be solved.

Work is quiet, outside in green nature, and lots of fun if you are looking for nature and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

To inquire and apply, please send your CV + LinkedIn profile if you have one to [email protected]


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