Chatan and Kallah Lessons - Preparing for Marriage


Chatan and Kallah Lessons - Preparing for Marriage

Shalom Friends

Rav Eliyahu and Rebbetzin Shoshanah offer professional Chatan and Kallah lessons to those preparing for marriage and to those requiring a refresher course. Both are certified as professional Chatan/Kallah teachers and provide a complete and thorough service of teaching the essential laws pertinent to preparing for a married life.

Lessons are provided in person or via Skype/Gmail Chat (with video) for those near and far.

Marriage is special! The Torah teaches that the way to nurture the marriage is through learning and putting into practice the laws of Family Purity. Eliyahu and Shoshanah offer a sensitive and caring approach to all sections of the learning.

We cater to all levels and Hashkafot. All are welcome!

A letter, approved by the Israel Rabbinate for purposes of having completed a course in the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha, will be given to Kallot on completion of the course.

For more info see: (for men) (for women)

Mazal Tov!