Room in Talbye

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Room in Talbye
3,000 NIS 3 Rooms
Floor 1 16 m² Furnished, Balcony Owner 0527045648 [email protected] Batya
Talbye Jerusalem

Looking for a respectful and kind roommate.

Relevant only for English speaking women, keeping Shabbat and kosher.

* Jerusalem, Pinsker Street, Talbye

* 3 room-appartment

* 1st floor, no elevator

* immidiate entrance

* Price for a roommate: 3000 NIS including arnona and vaad bait

* the appartment is partly furnished + there are washing machine, microwave, oven, gas.

* In the rommate's room there is huge built-in closet and a bed

* Most of the time the owner is not in the house

* Dairy kitchen 

* No animals

* Public parking near the house

Phone 0527045618 - Batya