5G/ EMF pendants to protect against harmful EMF radiation

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5G/ EMF pendants to protect against harmful EMF radiation
230 NIS


We are living in a world saturated by EMFs including smart meters, wifi, cellphones, and now unfortunately 5G has come to Israel and within the next 5-10 years is supposed to be fully deployed (check Ministry of Communication's website).

All these sources of radiation are harmful to humans over time, possibly carcinogenic, causing a range of debilitating symptoms, and lowering one's immune system and vitality.

Consequently, it is essential to raise our own vibrational frequency to be able to thrive in a 5G and EMF saturated world.

I have recently discovered Advanced Tachyon Technologies, a very reliable, well known company in the "concerned about EMF world" that has designed pendants to protect against 5G and EMF harm by enhancing one's own energy levels.  Please take a look at their mini-V pendants and if you are interested in purchasing one, please let me know.  This pendant is also great for kids (as long as they don't put it in their mouths).

There is no obligation right now to buy, but I am trying to get a head count as to how many to order, so please let me know if you are seriously interested.  The price of 230 NIS is much lower than their listed price of 112 USD plus shipping (I would get a discount).

They have a big RESEARCH CENTRE - where you can find educational videos, lot's of articles in their Tachyon Library and also many research articles.

For privacy purposes, please reply to me by email and if you would like to speak by phone, please let me know.

Mrs. Rachel Esther Goldstein