Wharehouse Sale: Amazing bargains, plenty of giveaways


Wharehouse Sale: Amazing bargains, plenty of giveaways
0526159133 [email protected]
8 Yitzchak Street Telzstone

Winding down my sale of fabrics plus
Really looking to clear machsan stock at ridiculously low prices!!!!!!

Plenty of freebies too!!
Another few days

Upholstery fabric (previously 160nis per metre now 20nis per metre)

hink a possible reupholstery job in the future
Think unusual tablecloths
Think sewing projects (purses, belts.......) Vinyl/Imitation leather fabric (previously 110nis per metre now 20nis per metre)
Think chairs that have to be reupholstered in the future
Think wipe down tablecloths for the kitchen and for the succahThink succah floor
Think art projects

Curtain fabric (Previously 129nis - 189nis per metre now 40nis - 60nis per metre)
Beautiful range of curtain fabrics for new curtains now or in the future

Think tablecloths
Think bedspreads, cushions and any sewing projects
Think tichels

A few ready made curtains and assorted blinds (romans, rollers and zebra) previously priced from 80nis to 2500nis!!! - now reduced up to 80% to clear

For those who know what 'jabots" are, I have a great selection for the kitchen and childrens' rooms at half the price they are sold in the U.S.A. - reduced to clear!!!

Curtain rods in wood and bronze at 1/4 their original prices - reduced to clear!!!
Curtain tie backs and sticks reduced to clear = half price!!!
There are plenty of offcuts of fabrics - clothing, curtain and upholstery available for next to nothing

Think sewing projects or small upholstery projects
Think Purim costumes

There are free fabric offcuts for arts and crafts projects and of interest to ganim.

Please tell your ganenet. There are presents for every customer.

8 Yitzchak Street
Hours 12 - 6:00 p.m.(Tuesday - Thursday, and next week Sunday to Tuesday)
Inquiries: 533-7898