Part time Nanny


Part time Nanny

Love babys and kids! If you are looking for someone trustworthy who will take care for your children with love - Call me!
Cell number - 0544873789

Here you have my last reference letter. Any additional references upon request.

Yes, we still miss Myriam very much. She has taken care of Avigail during the year we spent in Israel. Avigail has two older brothers, ages 5 and 7, and during that time Myriam was such a valuable addition to our family. After raising 3 kids while both of us parents work full time, we have come to realize that warmth and kindness are the two most important qualities we would want from a care giver. And Myriam has them - big time. Of course, Myriam is super professional when it comes to stimulating and educating young children, and she is also very hard-working; she would cooks (amazing!) food for our family, and do the laundry and keep the house in great shape, which helped us a lot. Above all, she would do that with genuine love, and always with a smile and a good word. We do truly miss her now, and Avigail remembers her very well, and misses her as well.