Technical Project Manager 854752


Jun 10, 2021 | Jobs | Other | Jerusalem & Area
Technical Project Manager 854752
Full Time
Jerusalem, Ramat Gan

We are looking for an Technical Project Manager to join our team. This is a full time position based in Jerusalem and/or Ramat Gan. The role of the Technical Project Manager includes duties frequently performed by Product Managers such as development of the Product Specifications (HLR) documents, User Stories, oversight of a development team in an Agile production environment. The Technical Project Manager is not responsible for the Market Research, ROI and other aspects of the product’s definition, but is included in the meetings with the Business Owner and Marketing Team where decisions are made about the products and services being developed. The primary role of the Technical Project Manager will be to work with the team leader, developers, QA, Architect and DevOps to ensure the product is created

effectively and efficiently.


• Turn executive decisions into product requirements and deliverables

• Work with product owners documenting priorities and requests

• Write specification documents (HLRs) that describe technical products and features.

• Write technical User Stories

• Plan and manage the sprints for the technical projects and the set delivery deadlines

• Maintain a ready-to-go backlog with well documented User Stories

• Inform management about the resource requirements required

• Track project milestones, open issues and deliverables and communicate project updates

• Track resource utilization by project and by division

• Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises and devise contingency plans


• Expert at writing User Stories and system requirement documents

• At least 3 years of project management experience

• Experience in Agile Methodology

• Fluent English with excellent communication skills

• Excellent self-starter with exceptional time management skills and great attention to detail

• Deep understanding of software development processes

Please send CVs to [email protected]


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