Can anybody in Israel repair my Victory Mobility scooter?


Oct 22, 2020 | Community | Advice | National
Can anybody in Israel repair my Victory Mobility scooter?

Thank G-d I live in Israel, but this product is not sold here; l have inherited a
which at age 75 could be a great relief from the manually propelled wheelchair I am using now; except that there is an electrical fault which I cannot find a local shop willing to deal with; the batteries are brand new and fully charged, all the fuses are OK. but it will not start, whereas it worked well for its previous user. Perhaps some animal bit a cable but I have no way to know and I haven't found the way to disassemble the body.
Can you supply me the contact details of an Israeli technician if you know one, or does anybody have a service manual I can borrow?
The chat window suddenly disappeared from the screen after I asked the above question and reloading the web page does not bring it back anymore.
Their website only gives US numbers, which I cannot access from Israel.
Thanks for your kind attention and Blessings of Health, Longevity and Prosperity,
Eliahu Gal -Or, AMEN, Association to Empower the Needy,
Mevo Modiin, Israel +972586272388 WhatsApp
MAIL ONLY TO: POB 31493, Jerusalem 91313 Israel.


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