Annatel, the always evolving start-up, releases a new unique mobile plan


Dec 08, 2019 | News | Other | Jerusalem & Area
Annatel, the always evolving start-up, releases a new unique mobile plan

Over the past ten years, Annatel, the telecommunications company, has established itself as an essential partner in the Aliyah process and integration of American, Canadian and French Olim Hadashim (new immigrants) in Israel. 

Building on a decade of success, Annatel has reached a major milestone by receiving, this year, a unified operator license.  This remarkable step forward now positions the company as a real player in Israeli telecommunication market.

Always innovative and forward focused, Annatel's mission of connecting people stands at the forefront of all they do.  The new visual identity, tag line and logo reflect the ambition and drive inherent to their success. The new mobile plans represent the next logical step as the company builds on a decade of achievement.

Annatel’s Israeli success story: between technological innovation and award-winning customer service 

Established in 2009, in Israel, Annatel was initially a small start-up company, with the goal of connecting the households of the French community in Israel. 

Faced with the growing Aliyah of Americans and Canadians, the company adapted to its new clientele and created the appropriate offers to meet their demands. Annatel built on its early success and developed new mobile plans, a home internet offer,  business solutions and operators services which grew beyond its initial product line.

A start-up within the start-up nation

This momentum has taken Annatel from its status as a "young innovator" into a major actor in the niches of the telecommunications industry. After 10 years, the new logo also marks a new direction for the company.  Broadening in scope and control, the new Annatel mobile phone network allows the company to demonstrate their continued commitment to reliable technology and builds on the trust they have established with their customers. Recognizing an unmet need, Annatel now provides English speakers with information in their language, as well as customer service from a team of America-born professionals.  Demonstrating a commitment to the interests and concerns of new immigrants from the United States and Canada. Annatel provides an easy and stress relieving option to stay connected with a home country. A feature-rich set of benefits and offers allows users to stay connected while in Israel, the United States, Canada and anywhere in between.

Focus on the new “Original” cell phone plan 

The company has not only changed from an aesthetic point of view. While the logo and slogan are being modified to illustrate this transition, Annatel has also developed an even better cell phone plan. So, what should you expect? In a nutshell, a lot more for the same price is what they promise. Let’s focus on the new features of this offer:

Surf « worry free »

In order to meet the growing demand for data and always connected consumers, Annatel’s offer starts with 30GB. It may seem pale compared to some other operators who offer 50 or even more. However, don’t be cheated by those marketing offers: the national average is 5GB a month, so even if you use much more, 30 GB should suffice. If you need more, you always have an option for 50GB!

An international plan 

The Original plan offers a way to stay connected while traveling, with 1GB of data and included roaming every single month from the United States. The package also provides unlimited access to WhatsApp texting and Waze for worry free travels, in 46 countries (over 4G, even without WIFI).

These features are a significant advantage for travelers whether to visit family or for business purposes to never be disconnected again even if you've not subscribed to a roaming plan: You’ll still be able to notify your family and friends when you arrive at your hotel. If you need more, they have some roaming packages.

Keeping your historic American phone number 

As surprising as it may seem, it is now possible to keep your American phone number and use it from an Annatel line (you’ll also get an Israeli number).  It allows your family and friends to call and text the number you've had for so many years and keep reaching you as they always did. Worrying about showing your Israeli phone number when calling to the US and not being recognized or answered? Don’t worry anymore, your American phone number will show up for every call you make or SMS you send to the US.

A smart voicemail (and ringtone!)

From now on, your voice mail will adapt to the language of your caller. 

A call to your American number will be greeted in English whereas a call to your Israeli number will be greeted in Hebrew!

No one will ever realize that you are abroad if you don't want them to, especially because even the ringing tone will sound “American” to your callers (they won’t hear the Israeli ringtone at all when calling to your American number). 

The Original plan costs 99.90 shekels and includes all these features and more. We loved it and believe that any American oleh will be as excited as we were when we discovered this new plan.

To get the plan, call *0555 or WhatsApp +97255 500 0555.


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