Israel365 Content Marketing Manager 994284


Israel365 Content Marketing Manager 994284
Full Time
[email protected]
Beit Shemesh

Your Job Title and Area of Responsibility is:

Title: Israel365 Marketing/Content Manager

Responsible for developing and leading the marketing and content strategy for all

campaigns and projects using data, knowledge, experience, intuition, and team

participation. Content and Marketing contribution efforts can include website, newsletters,

articles, blogs, videos, html, banners/pop ups, and other forms of revenue and

engagement driven streams.

Your High Level Strategic Responsibilities are:

Driving and executing campaign and project revenue targets through creative and

compelling content and text that align with all Campaign and Project A to Z


Ensuring that all campaigns are using donor/purchaser/subscriber “funnel”

experience as the gold standard - taking the individual through the journey from

awareness, engagement, acquisition, and retention.

Leading newness and compelling campaign and project strategies through

effective content/text storytelling

Gaining influence and buy-in of content concepts by other team members and

where applicable, clients.

Managing, directing, and growing Marketing team members

Executing all marketing content and messaging for projects and campaigns.

Your day to day Tactical Responsibilities are:

Hiring, onboarding, inspiring and managing marketing/content team members that

are aligned on corporate strategic initiatives that contribute to delivering profitable

revenue results for all campaigns and projects.

Leading agenda driven weekly marketing/content team meetings to ensure

alignment, smooth and timely execution on all projects and campaigns

Driving, growing, and delivering revenue targets using all content and marketing

tools available that are aligned with the A to Z Project/Campaign Guidelines

Leading, participating and contributing to all relevant strategic meetings with in

house team or outside clients as our leader of content/marketing.

Ensuring the usage of all corporate management standards - use of A to Z

Project/Campaign Planning Sheets, Post Mortem Recap Sheets, Data Reporting,

Asana Task Management, executing comprehensively and following clear direction

from management, etc

Contributing compelling content and marketing techniques to all Israel365

Divisions assets (website, FB, case studies, ads, conferences)

Taking the initiative and gaining management buy-in to optimize opportunities

and eliminate obstacles in the company's execution of projects and campaigns.

Leading marketing/content efforts - some examples listed below.

○ Execute deployment (tests and approvals) with 3rd party publishers

○ Manage articles and blog posts to numerous WordPress websites of clients

and Israel365 initiatives

○ Provide data-driven marketing/content guidance based on analysis

○ Increase engagement on social media pages per day/week

○ Build our own brand and following and reach on


○ Overseeing weekly and monthly email newsletters

Your Key Performance Indicators will be:

● Hard KPI’s:

○ Israel365 Corporate Revenue Results Monthly versus Target

○ Israel365 Recurring Donor, Purchaser, Subscriber Growth


● Soft KPI’s

○ Compelling, Executable, and Results Driven Execution

○ Timely Execution

○ Team Spirited

You should possess the following Skills/Past Experience:

● Proven track record of leading digital marketing campaigns

● Experience with leading teams and clients in a constructive, effective

and positive manner.

● Cultural fluency of both Israeli, Jewish and American culture

● Familiarity with digital tools especially Mailchimp, Google Analytics

and Facebook ads.

You Are:

● You CARE about your clients and fellow employees

● You are PASSIONATE about sharing love for Israel

● HIGH LEVEL enough to lead, but DOWN TO EARTH enough to get hands dirty

● HUMBLE and always learning new models / technologies / processes

● People-person, FRIENDLY and warm. A team-player

● DETAIL ORIENTED and organized multi-tasker who can get stuff done

● Not waiting for instructions, but a driven and passionate SELF STARTER

Interested? We can’t wait to meet you!

Send CV to [email protected]


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