SelfCAD: free month for students stuck at home


SelfCAD: free month for students stuck at home

Coronavirus got you locked down?  Have no idea what to do with your kids for the next few weeks?
Here's one free month of SelfCAD for students stuck at home due to the school closures.
Coupon Code: homeschool
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Check out a great SelfCAD beginner's tutorial for kids here!

SelfCAD was created by Aaron Breuer, a Skverer hasid who taught himself everything he knows after leaving kollel at age 22 without a word of English.  SelfCAD is an intuitive mesh modeler that's great for anyone who wants to learn about 3D CAD.  

Want to find out more?
Our FB page is the best place to get answers quickly.  

Want to find out about reseller partnerships, our ambassador program or interview Mr. Breuer for your publication? Please e-mail [email protected] to request a press release and for more information.

Stay healthy!!
Aviva Fort


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