Luxury Tzimmer, Spa & Pool - Yassou Place - Per Hour/Night


Luxury Tzimmer, Spa & Pool - Yassou Place - Per Hour/Night
1,600 NIS (couple/night) 4 Rooms
Pool, Spa, jacuzzi, WiFi, AC 050-5302053 (Phone or Whatsapp)
משק 98 מושב מחסיה

At Luxury Yassu Place - the pampering experience!

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi spa:

Sky water Pool, quarter Olympic size, cooled in summer and heated in winter. In addition, a pampering spa jacuzzi corner.

In the complex you will find two decorated and luxurious B&Bs. Each guest house is equipped with a king-size bed, a kitchen with a stove, a Nespresso machine, a pampering shower, WI-FI, television and more


Projector and screen, rain shower, professional amplification system, tanning beds, pampering sleeping areas and on hot days also air coolers.

Outdoor kitchen:

In the complex there is an outdoor kitchen equipped with an ice machine, refrigerator, freezer, oven, gas stove, Tami 4 and a large knight's table.


  • Accommodation in B&Bs:

In the complex there are two B&Bs that are spacious and carefully designed. Each guest house has a king size bed, a luxurious shower, a sitting area, kitchenette, TV, Nespresso machine, WI-FI.

We invite you to stay with us and feel for the moment that you have jumped to Greece.

  • Renting the complex for events of up to 40 people:

the complex can be rented out (without B&B) for special events such as family time, parties, birthdays, fun days, company events and more.

The complex is large and wide and has everything we believe is necessary for a meticulous and unforgettable event, all above including comfortable and stylish lounge areas.

Note: There is no life-guard.

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050-5302053 (Phone or Whatsapp)



There are 2 accommodation units

Couple – Night-stay:

The cost for a couple to stay, the complex is completely private, NIS 2000

For 2 couples the cost is NIS 1600 per couple

Couples Per-hour stay:

The cost per couple per hour is NIS 200


For a group of up to 10 people NIS 450 per hour

Between 10-15 the cost is NIS 500 per hour

Between 15-20 the cost is NIS 600 per hour

Between 20-25 the cost is NIS 750 per hour

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