They Thought Quickly and Avoided Disaster!


They Thought Quickly and Avoided Disaster!
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One of our readers shared with us a remarkable story about how she was able to swing into action-avoiding potential disaster. Read on….her observations and actions are remarkable.

L.T. in Jerusalem stated: “We have a glass box holding our candlesticks for oil filling and lighting on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Over Shavuot, we also lit tea lights and yarzeit candles inside, to accommodate guests.”

She continued: “As my husband was about to make Kiddush, he looked towards the box as he always does on Friday nights. The flames from the tea lights, very close together, suddenly fused and became one torch-like flame. Even though there was no breeze, the flames were dancing, a sign that something was wrong. The box started to fill with soot and the glass door cracked. We were very worried that it would break and spread the fire.

I thought of putting a wet towel over the box but was concerned that water would drip in through the crack. I knew not to put out a wax fire with water, thanks to the recent educational newsletter from the Chaya Malka Burn Foundation.”

She explained that her husband and son in-law dealt with the burning box, while their frightened guests and children crowded into the hallway.

Just covering the hole in the top was not enough to cut the oxygen from the fire because the glass box was not hermetically sealed.

Baruch Hashem, they had a small fire extinguisher and her husband was able to put out the fire. The wax fire did not spread or explode because they remembered not to put out burning wax with water!

She stated: “In retrospect, I realize that we shouldn’t have packed the box with so many candles."

Since they have young children and frequent guests, I suggested that they put their glass box high up on a shelf made of metal. Imagine what could have happened if there was no working fire extinguisher on hand!

This scenario is a wakeup call for every home to have one or more fire extinguishers in prominent places. If you can’t lift it and don’t know how to use it, a fire extinguisher can’t help. Purchase one now and learn how to use it right away!

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