Claudia Zalta Real Estate In Efrat & Gush Etzion Specializing In Helping Olim Find Their Dream Home!


Claudia Zalta Real Estate In Efrat & Gush Etzion Specializing In Helping Olim Find Their Dream Home!

You live in Israel. Were you born here?

I was born in Argentina. 

When did you make Aliyah?

I made Aliyah to Israel by myself when I was 18.

Then you went to New York, right?

Yes, after 2 years of being in Israel, I decided to go to the Syrian Community in Brooklyn to my uncle's house and that’s where I met my husband and later had 4 kids.

Why did you make Aliyah?

I couldn’t bear being outside of Israel. Israel and my family are my passion.

What made you decide to become a real estate agent that helps Olim from all over the world find their home in Israel?

As an Olah myself, I developed so much love, appreciation, respect, care,

and passion for my people and for my country. Every person in Israel treated me more than if I was their own sister or daughter.

That filled me with tremendous love for my people and my country.

I want to do the same and take care of every family that comes to Israel the same way that people took care of me, and hopefully better.

So how do you know what would make new Olim happy?

Well when a client calls me, I first ask as many questions as possible and make sure they tell me every detail that is important to them including the ages of their kids if their kids have special needs, budget etc. For example, some families are looking for the child-friendly neighborhoods of Zayit, Tamar and Dagan. While another family is looking for the quieter neighborhoods of the Dekel or Gefen. My job is to capture their dream and make it a reality.”

I heard that you work in Efrat, Alon Shvut and Gush Etzion and sell mostly single homes with large backyards.

What are the prices of the homes?

Yes most of the houses that I sell are large private homes, the prices range

from about $ 1.5 million to $ 4.5 million for very luxurious mansions.

Do you have any other real estate opportunities to offer to the public?

Yes, In the last few years I have spoken to people that are looking to buy

land, in the north, and south, agricultural land and private farm areas or new building

projects like in Ra’anana or outside Jerusalem. 

I am arranging a group of people that believe in the value of the land of Israel and have a vision for the future of our country the price of each dunam of agricultural land is $38,000 (each dunam is about 10,000 sqft of land) with a vision to build a neighborhood even if it would take 20 years.

Why Efrat?    

Today partially because of covid, people really want to live in open green spaces and large luxurious private homes. Prices are much more affordable here in the Gush than in Jerusalem (you are only 12 minutes away from Jerusalem without traffic)

What is the price of a private villa in Efrat?   

Prices range from 4 million shekels to 16 million shekels depending on the view, location and size of the villa. 

What is the most expensive luxurious villa that you have on the market right now and what makes it so expensive?  

Right now I have a spectacular luxurious private villa for 15.5 million shekels, the price is based on the fact that there is no other house in the market so large. Almost 9000 sqft, the design of the interior and exterior, the gardens, swimming pools, basketball courts, and panoramic views of the Judean hills surpass every real estate expectation that people may have from the coast of Tuscany to the most luxurious areas in Beverly Hills.                                                

I will be answering questions you may have about investing in land in Israel and real estate in Efrat and Alon Shvut next week. Please send me your questions through WhatsApp and I will address each and every one of them. And don't forget to check the Jerusalem Post weekly for new listings in the Gush.

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